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Something is About to Happen in Nigeria. Are You Ready for It?

Is another revolution imminent in Nigeria? 2019 General Election

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”- Abraham Lincoln When citizens fail to participate in elections, then they must be ready to live with the consequences. It’s that simple! #OfficeOfTheCitizen is the most powerful in ...

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Why African Board Games Should be Introduced Into the Classroom

Two men playing Morabaraba. Board games are a part of the social fabric of many African societies. ConstantineD/flickr

When most of us think about learning, we imagine a teacher and a classroom. In reality most of the things we know, and a great number of the skills we acquire as children and adults, are learned outside the classroom – in conversations with peers, engaging in community service, on the playground. Educators and researchers are increasingly recognising opportunities for ...

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#FixAfrica: What Needs to be Done to Make Africa Politically Stable

Africa must step up its game (Photo: ThingLink)

Levels of armed conflict flux and wane. In 2017, levels of high fatality violence in Africa were significantly lower than during the immediate post-Cold War period. This trend has occurred in spite of the recent increases in terrorist associated fatalities in key countries such as Nigeria and Somalia. Even terrorist fatalities have declined since 2015. But the continent is still ...

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New Year Mass Killings in Nigeria: Who Will Fix This Mess?

Barely 24 hours after 2018 was ushered in with aspirations and hope for a better year, people of Tse Igbudu Taraka community, Benue State woke up on Tuesday, January 2 to an invasion by suspected Fulani herdsmen. Many were reportedly massacred, with several people fleeing the community. James Gbudu, a resident of the area told DAILY POST, “As of now, ...

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Nigeria Set to Pass a Law Against Mob Lynching. Will It Make a Difference?

Nigerians don't trust their criminal justice system, so they result to lynching

  “Ole, ole!” (thief, thief!) is all that needs to be shouted in Nigeria before large crowds gather to beat, and often burn, the accused to death. Although there are no official statistics on the prevalence of mob lynching in Nigeria – referred to as jungle justice – media reports suggest it’s a regular occurrence. A 2014 survey revealed that ...

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Like Household Items, African Migrants Are Auctioned. Here’s Why You Should Speak Up

Terrific! In 2017, African migrants are auctioned off as slaves for as low as $400

Fleeing their home country to have a better life in Europe, many young people from West African countries like Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan and Somalia are auctioned as slaves for as low as $400 in Libya. In a November 17 broadcast, CNN released a terrific video showing the ordeals of African migrants; young people who failed ...

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50,000 Nigerians to Be Trained as Lagos Overtakes Nairobi as Africa’s Startup Capital

Lagos is the economic hub of Africa ( REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

As Africa’s tech startups and their founders go about creating disrupting industries or, in some cases, building new ones, they’ve typically tended to mushroom across three major ecosystems: Nairobi, Cape Town and Lagos. But over the past year, Lagos’ claim as the continent’s startup epicenter has gained currency. For starters, it’s the continent’s most valuable ecosystem with its startups typically ...

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Roman Oseghale: How to Fix the Nigerian Economy, Education (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Roman Oseghale

At The Platform, a signature initiative of Covenant Christian Centre, held on October 1 in Lagos, Roman Oseghale– a Canada-based renowned architect, researcher and  business consultant– wowed the audience. With the venue crowded with people from all walks of life, many of them young, and millions of people watching across the world, Roman proved a point. He showed everyone that ...

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Tunisia, the North African Country Where Many Women Can Live Up to 77 Years

Tunisia is paving way for women

With a population of 10.1 million people, the official language in the country is Arabic, although French is widely spoken too. The life expectancy in most African countries is very low when compared to the developed countries. But Tunisia stands out as an exception to the rule. The average life expectancy in Tunisia is 75, with that of women being ...

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Kemi Adeosun: Luxury Tax Will Commence Soon— Rich People Must Bear the Burden

Nigeria's finance minister, Kemi Adeosun

Kemi Adeosun, minister of finance, says the federal government will soon start collecting luxury taxes. Addressing journalists at the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC on Sunday, Adeosun said people with higher income must bear a greater part of the tax burden. “The luxury tax planned by the federal government is being ...

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