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Amazing! How Mauritius Became the Easiest Place To Do Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s no secret that businesses in sub-Saharan Africa face several barriers when it comes to ease of doing business, despite some of the fastest growing economies in the world being located in this region. According to the Doing Business 2017 World Bank Fact Sheet for the region, Mauritius has the highest ranking at 49, while large economies like Kenya, Uganda ...

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The Journey so far: How Nigeria Pulled Itself Out of Worst Economic Recession in 29 Years

Nigeria is finally out of recession!

Nigeria’s economy is finally making a comeback, after five consecutive quarters of recession. Data published by Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that the economy grew 0.55% in the second quarter of 2017. The first hint of recovery came in the fourth quarter last year when, despite still in being in a recession, the economy showed an uptick. The ...

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Nigeria and Other Developing Countries Should Invest in Schools Before Roads. Really?

Common! Let's build schools

In recent years, discussions on how to jump-start development in sub-Saharan Africa have largely been about addressing the infrastructure deficit. The lack of everything from roads and railways to electricity and running water are recognized as huge obstacles on the journey to sustainable development. African countries must invest in infrastructure The World Bank estimated in 2009 that addressing the infrastructure ...

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Here’s the Summary of All You Need to Know About Alison-Madueke’s Corruption Scandal

Nigeria's former oil minister, Diezani-Alison Madueke an d her shady shady deals.

Last week, news of a US Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit roped Diezani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s former oil minister, in yet another international corruption scandal. The lawsuit alleges that two Nigerian businessmen, Kola Aluko and Jide Omokore, illegally obtained lucrative oil contracts in Nigeria by repeatedly bribing Alison-Madueke. The men then laundered the proceeds of those contracts through the US by ...

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Inequality: How a Graveyard Silence is Widening the Gap Between Rich and Poor in Nigeria

The wealth of five richest Nigerians can take Nigeria out of extreme poverty

Based on the recently released CRI (The Commitment to Reducing Inequality) Index, a new global ranking of governments based on what they are doing to tackle the gap between rich and poor, Nigeria is shockingly at the bottom of the table. According to the CRI Index report, “Nigeria has the unenviable position of being at the bottom of the Index. ...

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OpenGovtNg: Are You Willing to See a Prosperous Nigeria? Then Watch This Short Film

Join the call for a prosperous Nigeria

Nigeria has been held back for several decades mostly as a result of bad leadership; and of course poor followership. But things are changing. How? Many active citizens of Nigeria have awaken to the reality that it is their primary responsibility to hold their government leaders accountable, at all times. No break, no excuses! There’s an ongoing Open Government Campaign ...

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At Last! Kenya is Cutting the Salaries and Bogus Allowances of Its Highly Paid Lawmakers

Hello! Can we have more pay cuts? (Photo: bbc.com)

Kenya is set to cut the salaries and allowances of top state officers in a bid to reduce the country’s wage bill to sustainable levels and to improve government service delivery. The decision is being made just weeks to a closely fought election and with a backdrop of protests and strikes over low pay by doctors, nurses and teachers among ...

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How the Nigerian Education System is Killing Creativity

The Nigerian Education section needs serious attention

I met a brilliant young man a couple of days ago and we got talking. He graduated from a university a little over two years ago and narrated some of the ordeals he had to go through. “I wasted six years of my life to study a four-year course,” he said. “And I didn’t fail because I wasn’t serious or ...

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Are You a Nigerian? Then You Should Know These 4 Facts About the National Flag

The first Nigerian flag designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi (Photo: Aljazeera)

The national flag of Nigeria, like those of other countries, is a symbol of sovereignty of the nation. It’s expected to be a symbol of pride for the nation and its citizens within and outside the world. However, in Nigeria, the much needed importance is yet to be fully accorded to the flag by many of the citizens. But that ...

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Stray Bullet: Really, Can Buhari Solve the Unemployment Crisis in Nigeria? [STATISTICS]

The alarming unemployment rate in Nigeria

The unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen to 14.2% in q4 (4th quarter) 2016 from 13.9% in q3 (third quarter) 2016. And this is according to the Statistician General of the National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria, Dr Yemi Kale. This means the number of unemployed persons has risen to 11.55 million in q4 of 2016 from 11.19 million in ...

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