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General Kopho

General Kopho- A Young Nigerian with a Difference (An Agent of Change)

According to President Barack Obama, “You don’t need an office to make change in your ...

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The spirit of entrepreneurship is sharp and smart among Nigerians

Santosh Kurian: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria [MUST READ]

“I no come Lagos com count bridge!” An ode to Lagos’s numerous bridges, this pidgin ...

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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai in Nigeria for the #GoogleForNigeria event

Why Exactly are the World’s Billionaires Visiting Africa?

In twenty years or so, Africa is expected to have the world’s largest working-age population ...

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Adeola Olubamiji is first black to hold a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Nobody to Somebody: Pep Naija Interviews Olubamiji, the Pepper Seller Turned PhD Holder

Not too long ago, the story of Adeola Olubamiji broke the internet; the Nigerian social ...

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Usain Bolt annoints Van Niekerk? (AP Photo/Bryan Cummings)

Meet Van Niekerk, the South African Superstar Who Could Replace Usain Bolt

In a rather disappointing manner, Usain Bolt, the three-time Olympic 100m and 200m champion, an ...

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New Africa

Talented Kid! How a 6 Year Old Boy Developed a Computer Learning Game

First grade student Ethan Yona is the brain behind the superhero character and computer learning ...

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Hello! Can we have more pay cuts? (Photo:

At Last! Kenya is Cutting the Salaries and Bogus Allowances of Its Highly Paid Lawmakers

Kenya is set to cut the salaries and allowances of top state officers in a ...

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A New Tech Hub is Hoping to Inspire An Ecosystem in Northern Nigeria

Over the last seven years, northern Nigeria, particularly the northeast, has been mired in a ...

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Nigerian DJ Sets New World Record for Longest DJ Set – 10 Days [Meet Him]

The Nigerian DJ smashed the previous record by 40 hours, though he suffered hallucinations along ...

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John Paul Mwirigi is the youngest MP in Kenya's history.

In Kenya, 23-Year-Old John Mwirigi ‘With No Money’ Has Been Elected to the Parliament

A 23-year-old independent candidate is the next Igembe South MP after he was declared winner ...

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How Good Relationships Help Prolong Life

The good life is built with good relationships.  For many years, I’ve always wondered why ...

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Fred Swaniker: How I Got 2 Doctorate Degrees in 1 Month, Founded 5 Organizations At Age 40

Fred Swaniker, the co-founder and CEO of African Leadership University, the “Harvard of Africa” wrote ...

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How Africa Can Become the Most Prosperous Continent in the World in Our Lifetime

Contrary to popular belief, Africa can become the most prosperous continent in the world within ...

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