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Meet 21-Year-Old John Who Sold His Goats to Build Power Plant for His Community

John Magiro is leading change in his community (Photo: University of Cambridge)

John Magiro is the brains behind a mini hydro-electric power plant which utilises a local waterfall to provide power to some 300 households in rural Kenya. Power to the People! When Kenyan John Magiro Wangari, from Mathioya, Muranga, was 21, he became fed up with the lack of electricity in his community. The sole source of power was in the ...

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Access to Justice: 3 Ways to Put the Power of Law in People’s Hands [WATCH]

Access to justice is the responsibility of all (Photo: PictureQuotes)

Without access to justice, there can’t be development in any community or country. Notably, people cannot improve their lives if they can’t exercise their rights. Vivek Maru is working to transform the relationship between people and law, turning law from an abstraction or threat into something that everyone can understand, use and shape. Instead of relying solely on lawyers, Maru ...

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Flare- An Uber for Emergency Services App That is Saving Lives in Kenya

After five years of working in tech and healthcare in East Africa, Maria Rabinovich and Caitlin Dolkart asked themselves one very important question: how is it that people can easily get a cab or food at the click of a button, but not an ambulance? So they came up with an idea, an app that connects users to emergency response, ...

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BREAKING: First in Africa! Kenya’s Supreme Court Nullifies August 8 Presidential Election

First in history! Kenya's Supreme court nullifies August 8 presidential election

Kenya’s Supreme Court on Friday declared the results of last month’s presidential poll “invalid, null and void” and ordered the election be re-run within 60 days, Daily monitor reports. “The presidential election held on August 8 was not conducted in accordance with the constitution,” said Chief Justice David Maraga, ruling in favour of the opposition which challenged the declaration of ...

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When it Comes to Domestic Air Travel in Africa, Kenya is King. Here’s Why

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is so busy!

When it comes to domestic air travel in Africa, Kenya’s capital Nairobi is king. According to travel data company Forward Keys, Nairobi’s domestic air travel recorded 22% growth in 2017, beating its closest competitors Tunis and Addis Ababa, which grew by 14% and 9% respectively. In addition, long-haul international flights to Nairobi grew by 8%, making it the only major ...

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In Kenya, 23-Year-Old John Mwirigi ‘With No Money’ Has Been Elected to the Parliament

John Paul Mwirigi is the youngest MP in Kenya's history.

A 23-year-old independent candidate is the next Igembe South MP after he was declared winner Thursday morning. Mr John Paul Mwirigi, a Bachelor of Education student at Mt Kenya University won after garnering 18, 867 against Jubilee’s Rufus Miriti, who had 15, 411 votes. Other candidates, who were seasoned politicians include Mwenda Mzalendo (7,695), Kubai Mutuma (6,331) and Raphael Muriungi ...

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Inspiring! Rwanda: How 19-Year-Old Ishimwe Saved A Whole Community (Photos)

When Ishimwe Yvette’s family relocated from Kigali to Kayonza District, the experience was overwhelming, making it hard for them to settle in, particularly because the place was dry and had no access to clean water for home use. The challenge was, however, seen by Ishimwe as an opportunity to serve her community and also make some money in the process, ...

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The Number of Technology Hubs Across Africa Have More Than Doubled in Months

The number of technology hubs across Africa have more than doubled in less than a year as more investors and innovators grow the local startup ecosystem beyond the most popular cities. A total of 314 tech hubs and incubation centers were recorded in July by the global telecoms industry body GSMA’s Ecosystem Accelerator, a program that works to enable partnerships ...

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FGM: If You’re A “Circumcized” Girl in Kenya, You Might Not Get A Husband

A team of traditional Maasai cricketers in Kenya has broken with tradition to fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). Some Maasai communities still believe that FGM – when parts of a girl’s vagina are removed – should be continued as some see it as a cultural rite of passage marking when a girl becomes a woman and can marry. Maasai ...

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Hello! Don’t Miss This Great Opportunity for 250,000 Youths in Africa

AfricaWorking, a new private sector initiative committed to impacting Africa on employability and entrepreneurship skills, says its agenda is to support 200,000 youth and 50,000 entrepreneurs by 2020. The new group consists private companies like Microsoft, Barclays Africa, Emerging World, FranklinCovey, Knod, Safal Group and Syngenta, with the objective of channeling their collective powers to create job opportunities across Africa, Premium Times reports. ...

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