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SEASONED SPOUSE: How to End Every Form Of Emotional Infidelity In Your Relationship

Ending emotional infidelity

Quitting emotional infidelity is a must once its existence has been noticed. In a situation whereby emotional infidelity exists, nothing else will work in your marital relationship until this infidelity comes to an end. As previously stated in the first article of this series, emotional infidelity is more difficult to trace, track and treat than sexual infidelity because there are ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE! Emotional Infidelity: Signs to Watch Out for in Your Relationship

In today’s world, emotional infidelity is on the rise. People now derive emotional solace and satisfaction in being emotionally connected to another person who’s not their partner. With the advent of modern technologies, emotional infidelity is even easier to achieve than physical one. The internet has a tremendous impact on this. The ease with which people connect in this modern ...

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Dele Momodu: My Choice of Candidates in 2019 Presidential Election

Dele Momodu talks about his choice of candidates in the 2019 presidential elections

Fellow Nigerians, thanks for the deluge of messages and phone calls last week after reading my memo to our dear President. I doubt if any article of mine ever generated such amazing interest from the rich and poor, educated and not so educated, alike. The closest to it would be the letter I wrote to our wonderful First Lady of ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Emotional Infidelity Destroys Marital Relationships, but it’s Preventable

The dangers of Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is real. As a matter of fact it is more difficult to trace, track and treat than sexual infidelity because there are no external acts that often suggest its existence. Meanwhile, it is as detrimental to a relationship as sexual immorality. Many often tend to disregard or treat with levity the emotional health of their spouse. Too many ...

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Why African Board Games Should be Introduced Into the Classroom

Two men playing Morabaraba. Board games are a part of the social fabric of many African societies. ConstantineD/flickr

When most of us think about learning, we imagine a teacher and a classroom. In reality most of the things we know, and a great number of the skills we acquire as children and adults, are learned outside the classroom – in conversations with peers, engaging in community service, on the playground. Educators and researchers are increasingly recognising opportunities for ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: The Unknown Effects of Social Media on Your Romantic Relationship

Like it was rightly asserted in the previous article, social media can make your relationship swim and can also make it sink. Over the past couple of weeks, the impact of social media on marital relationships has been the subject of discourse on this platform. Obviously the subject should be of keen interest to all. It was recently disclosed that ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How to Protect Your Relationship from Social Media Sycophants

Believe it or not, the social media can either make your marital relationship sink or swim. It has been affirmed in previous series that there are pros and cons regarding the use of social media. It was said that despite its perceived blessings, the internet has its other side which is greatly injurious to your relationship. It is true that ...

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Strange but True: What Nigeria Will Look Like in 2018

How will Nigerians fare in 2018?

On the first day of 2018, as it is with every new year, the temptation is to dream big — to fantasise about sudden turnarounds of poverty to wealth, sadness to happiness, suffering to delirium. It’s a time when self-appointed men of God, latching on to the propensity of the people to romanticise the future, declare all good and no ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How Not to Replace Your Partner With Social Media

Social media and relationship

I recently read a piece that pointed to me a salient truth even though it’s with comical undertone. It says “phone has replaced your calenders, phone has replaced your alarm but don’t let it replace your family”. I found these words to be profound. Internet or better said social media is a fabric of our lives today. Internet has claimed ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Your ‘Ex’ May Be Useful but Not in Your Marital Relationship

Marriage is a sacred relationship so it thrives on trust. Therefore, acts that unbalance the relationship must not be allowed within its walls. Questionable acts and attitude that alter the flow and the rhythm of peace are dangerous to marital relationship. There are many relationships that haven’t entered into a place of rest because of anti-marriage attitudes. Such relationships oscillate ...

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