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The Economist Says Lagos is Second Worst City to Live in. How True Can This Be? [OPINION]

Lagos is the economic nerve centre of Nigeria

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on the 16th August, 2017 published a global liveability report for 2017. The report served to offer a benchmark upon which the development of a city could be measured and to advise business corporations on the amount to be paid as hardship allowance— the extra income paid to an individual for working in challenging environments— to an ...

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Folafoluwa Oginni: Nigerian Superstar with 9As in WASSCE, 5.0 GP from a UK University

Folafoluwa Oginni is Nigeria's latest superstar

Folafoluwa Oginni, a very promising 21-year-old law graduate, is Nigeria’s latest superstar.  Without doubts, she’s one of the best brains to ever come out of Nigeria. Four years ago, 17-year-old Folafoluwa Oginni became the overall best student in the May/June 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) when she scored the highest grade (A1) in all her nine subjects, ...

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The Journey so far: How Nigeria Pulled Itself Out of Worst Economic Recession in 29 Years

Nigeria is finally out of recession!

Nigeria’s economy is finally making a comeback, after five consecutive quarters of recession. Data published by Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that the economy grew 0.55% in the second quarter of 2017. The first hint of recovery came in the fourth quarter last year when, despite still in being in a recession, the economy showed an uptick. The ...

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Olamide Baddo, the Mass Communicator Who Became One of Nigeria’s Biggest Ambassadors

Olamide Baddo and Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria's vice president

Today, Olamide Adedeji (28) is one of the biggest talents that have ever come of Nigeria. He’s loved by many not only because of his extraordinary talents, but also his diligence and humility. He is the king of the streets. When asked why music, he said: “I found out I was gifted in it so I had to explore it, ...

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Nigerian Invents a World First Computer Device That Can Breath in and Smell the Air

Oshiorenoya Agabi is one of a kind Nigerian inventor

Oshiorenoya Agabi, a Silicon Valley-based inventor, has developed a computer that can recognise the smell of explosives and aid in bomb detection. He unveiled modem-sized technology at the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania, The Cable says . Named Koniku Kore, the system is made from a mixture of living neurons and silicon, with sensors that can detect and recognise smells. Agabi said ...

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Inflation Rate Drops but Food Prices Hit Highest Level in almost a Decade

Food prices are up in Nigeria

Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show that consumer price index (CPI), which measures rate of inflation, dropped for the sixth consecutive month — although by a smaller margin. According to the NBS, inflation rate dropped to 16.05% from 16.1% in June, but food index soared to 20.28 percent, The Cable reports. “The consumer price index (CPI) ...

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Spybot: Covenant University Students and Lecturers Have Built a Surveillance Device

Spybot' was recently unveiled at Covenant University

Education is the key! There are no truer words, when given the right education by proper mentors there is nothing you cannot aim to achieve. The Nigerian education sector might not be the best in the world but we are definitely working to get there. Genius students from a prestigious Nigerian university and their lecturers have amazed the world after ...

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How Social Media Changed the Story of a Nigerian Woman Selling Ogiri (VIDEO)

The Ogiri woman is doing her thing

In June, a video of a woman hawking Ogiri, a traditional soup flavouring, in a relief market in Imo State surfaced on Facebook and went viral. In the video, the hawker who we now know as Mrs. Ifeoma Uzoma is advertising her wares in a unique way. Branded.ng and Mumpreneur brought her to Lagos and the Ogiri Woman brand was ...

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General Kopho- A Young Nigerian with a Difference (An Agent of Change)

General Kopho

According to President Barack Obama, “You don’t need an office to make change in your country”. Kofoworola Ayodeji Kehinde is one Nigerian that has put this saying to use. Popularly called General Kopho, he is a young Nigerian that is making a lot of difference, breaking barriers and not discouraged by the situation of the country. Notably, he’s performing his ...

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Santosh Kurian: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria [MUST READ]

The spirit of entrepreneurship is sharp and smart among Nigerians

“I no come Lagos com count bridge!” An ode to Lagos’s numerous bridges, this pidgin expression basically says – “I am here to make money and not to waste time” – epitomises the ‘hustle’ in every Nigerian. Every visit to Nigeria is fascinating and telling of peoples’ sheer drive and energy to do more to uplift themselves. Yet, Nigeria is ...

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