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When Will Mambila Plant, Nigeria’s Biggest Power Infrastructure, Be Completed?

3,050MW-capacity Mambila hydro-power plant in Taraba state

Mambila Power Station, a hydro-power plant, is Nigeria’s biggest power infrastructure which was conceived by the Nigerian government about 35 years ago. When completed, is expected to multiply Nigeria’s generating capacity considerably. Specifically, it is projected to deliver 3,050 megawatts of electricity. The epileptic power supply in Nigeria is stifling job creation and economic growth; the current power infrastructure better ...

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Ghana: 40 Percent of the Nation’s Annual Budget is Now Spent on Education

The prospering education in Ghana

Ghana, the amazing West African nation which is known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife and old forts, has also come a long way in recent years in terms of education. According to GhanaWeb, in the year of 1957 at the time of independence, there was only one university in the country, and just a handful of secondary and primary schools. ...

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Once A Fashion Model, Camara is Now West Africa’s First Woman to Own A Mine

Tiguidanke Camara believes passion is the secret of success in business (Photo: Forbes)

Guingouine — Leaving behind chic gowns and catwalks to stomp in the mud in heavy work boots, Guinean former fashion model Tiguidanke Camara has made herself west Africa’s first woman to own a mine. In the small forest village of Guingouine, in the west of Côte d’Ivoire, Camara runs a team of 10 geologists and labourers who are probing the ...

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