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SEASONED SPOUSE! Emotional Infidelity: Signs to Watch Out for in Your Relationship

In today’s world, emotional infidelity is on the rise. People now derive emotional solace and satisfaction in being emotionally connected to another person who’s not their partner. With the advent of modern technologies, emotional infidelity is even easier to achieve than physical one. The internet has a tremendous impact on this. The ease with which people connect in this modern ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Emotional Infidelity Destroys Marital Relationships, but it’s Preventable

The dangers of Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is real. As a matter of fact it is more difficult to trace, track and treat than sexual infidelity because there are no external acts that often suggest its existence. Meanwhile, it is as detrimental to a relationship as sexual immorality. Many often tend to disregard or treat with levity the emotional health of their spouse. Too many ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How Not to Replace Your Partner With Social Media

Social media and relationship

I recently read a piece that pointed to me a salient truth even though it’s with comical undertone. It says “phone has replaced your calenders, phone has replaced your alarm but don’t let it replace your family”. I found these words to be profound. Internet or better said social media is a fabric of our lives today. Internet has claimed ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Ways to Safeguard Your Relationship in the Age of Social Media

We are in a world where social media is gradually becoming the norm, not just an advantage only available to the privileged. Many years back, the subject of social media and it’s influences wouldn’t have surfaced in the paper and parchment of any marriage therapist, but now it’s a subject of great interest. To be candid, the internet has been ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Your ‘Ex’ May Be Useful but Not in Your Marital Relationship

Marriage is a sacred relationship so it thrives on trust. Therefore, acts that unbalance the relationship must not be allowed within its walls. Questionable acts and attitude that alter the flow and the rhythm of peace are dangerous to marital relationship. There are many relationships that haven’t entered into a place of rest because of anti-marriage attitudes. Such relationships oscillate ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How Not to Erode the Trust in Your Relationship

Just as it was ascertained in the previous article, lying to your spouse disrupts the dynamics of your relationship. It unsettles a relationship and makes the atmosphere of a marital relationship ambivalent. It creates the feeling of uncertainty between spouses. Doubt sets in, hence lack of trust and respect becomes inevitable. It completely erodes that feeling of alliance that a ...

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Beware! How ‘Small’ Lies Can Cause a Major Setback for Your Relationship

Lie no more!

We are in a world that seems to repel the truth. We live in a world that would rather call a cup half-full rather than half-empty. A world that prefers to call white, off-white. A world given to deceit and dishonesty. A world with so much vices and at the root of such vices, ‘lie’ lies predominantly. As a matter ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: Singing as an Uncommon Catalyst for Your Relationship

Songs do magic.

It has been discovered that human beings are gracefully wired to respond to songs or better said, music. Scientifically proven, songs are able to make your brain do wonders. Music is an important fabric of human existence and of course it has numerous benefits to life. Science of songs and relationship is of cognitive consonance. The art of singing influences ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How Songs Can Be Used to Bring Out the Best in Your Relationship

The power of singing

I decided to write on this topic because it’s one of the overlooked ways in which romance can be established in marital relationships. Pedants may think or suggest otherwise, nonetheless, the truth must be said. Please listen, As much as it is important you case your love for your spouse into words,  it is also so important you translate your ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE(9): Let’s Talk. Why Exactly Do Women Nag?

How I wish I knew this early enough in my sojourn, I would have placed my heart into wisdom. I didn’t realise early that incessant nagging is a poisonous gas to the atmosphere of my marital relationship. I have nagged my spouse into silence and withdrawal. I never knew nagging was this dangerous. I have always thought repeating my requests ...

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