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#FixAfrica: What Needs to be Done to Make Africa Politically Stable

Africa must step up its game (Photo: ThingLink)

Levels of armed conflict flux and wane. In 2017, levels of high fatality violence in Africa were significantly lower than during the immediate post-Cold War period. This trend has occurred in spite of the recent increases in terrorist associated fatalities in key countries such as Nigeria and Somalia. Even terrorist fatalities have declined since 2015. But the continent is still ...

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Roman Oseghale: How to Fix the Nigerian Economy, Education (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Roman Oseghale

At The Platform, a signature initiative of Covenant Christian Centre, held on October 1 in Lagos, Roman Oseghale– a Canada-based renowned architect, researcher and  business consultant– wowed the audience. With the venue crowded with people from all walks of life, many of them young, and millions of people watching across the world, Roman proved a point. He showed everyone that ...

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NigeriaAt57: 10 Quotes from President Buhari’s Address You Shouldn’t Miss

 On the occasion of Nigeria’s 57th Independence day celebration, President Muhammadu Buhari kick-started the activities to mark the celebration with a nationwide broadcast addressing various issues including calls for restructuring, agitations in the country, security, economy among other issues. Here are some of the important quotes from the President’s address. 1. Importance of Independence Day Anniversary: “Over the years the ...

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Another South African Company Leaves Nigeria. Here’s Why

Hotel and gaming group Sun International became the latest South African business to pull out of Nigeria because of weak economic growth and clashes with regulators in the west African country. In January Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) launched a probe into Sun International’s initial investment in the Tourist Company of Nigeria, which owns and operates the 5-star ...

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Nigeria’s Diversification Dream Takes Shape As World’s Largest Dairy Cooperatives Set Up Camp

The past few years have been largely bleak for Nigeria, economically. Its national cash cow, crude oil—which has contributed over 80% of government’s revenue in last few decades—has been experiencing a commodity-recession since late 2014 which saw global prices crash from a high of $115 to a low of $30 (currently steadying within a band of $45-$55). This has eroded ...

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Economic Recession: Nigerians Adjust Feeding Patterns, Focus on God, Poll Reveals

Considering the worsening economic condition in Nigeria, Nigerians have reportedly adjusted their feeding patterns. They have also embraced God to ease the present hardship. According to Premium Times, a fresh public opinion poll by NOIPolls on Wednesday revealed that Nigerians have been compelled to adjust the feeding patterns of their families, while others have resigned to fate, resorting to seeking ...

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Buhari’s ‘Achievements’ is Nothing if the Economy is Not Fixed

United Capital, a financial and investment services firm, says the modest gains made in battle against Boko Haram could be lost if the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration does not fix the economy. The investment banking firm also said the naira, based on current realities and projections will eventually settle at 360 to a dollar at the interbank market, by the ...

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Nigerians Are Suffering; Fix the Ailing Economy, Group Tells Buhari

A Niger Delta group, Urhobo Monitoring and Development Group, on Saturday called on President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to fix the country’s ailing economy from sliding into total collapse. Prince Kingsley Oberuruaria, National President of UMDG, told journalists that Nigerians are hungry noting that the economy needs proactive measure to prevent it sliding into eminent ‘recession.’ Oberuruaria stressed that there was nothing ...

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We’re Tired Of President Buhari’s Trial And Error Style Of Governance

TRIAL AND ERROR is a fundamental method of solving problems. It is characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success is achieved or until the agents stop trying. Usually, when a new government comes on board, they try their hands on new and varied policies to make governance impactful. But as much as I believe that a new ...

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