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Be a millionaire in 30 days or less.
Be a millionaire in 30 days or less.

By Following These 3 Steps, You Can Be a Millionaire in 30 Days Or Less [SPONSORED]

Do you know? Gold is the new oil; it is now the surest legit source of wealth. By investing in gold, you’re on your way to financial prosperity.

But how? Gold is that commodity that continues to appreciate in value, no matter what. How come a lot of people are not aware of this life-changing opportunity? Truth– many people are aware, but they either do not know how to get started or are scared of losing their money. In order to solve that problem, an international company called SWISSGOLDEN was created to bridge the gap.

Swissgolden is calling you, please pick up the call…

WHere's a testimony. What are you still waiting for?

Here’s a testimony. What are you still waiting for?

Swissgolden has created huge partners in over 120 countries, so we get to meet and interact with people via social media and at conferences and other events organised by the company. We had a conference in March 2017 in Abuja for majorly African and Nigerian partners. However, it’s mind blowing to know attendance was from all over the world. Swissgolden Directors and senior partners were there in person.

With little start up capital, you get the opportunity to build your own gold reserve over time. In fact, you could actually ask for some gold bars sent to you physically from time to time. Imagine requesting for 10grams of gold every month for 5 years.

Wait no more, here’s your opportunity to become the next millionaire. Slow down, and follow these 3 steps

First, get registered with the start up capital for your desired table [for instance, you could start with with 450k]. From Day One, start to connect your interested, serious prospects to us (i.e experienced leaders in your Group [via WhatsApp Group and/or Phone Call] and with our *strong* *team* *support* and momentum, we would get some of your prospects registered – and within our target time frame of 30 days or less… Boom💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 you just earned N1million.

You support your two to earn and their two also, with the cooperation of team members on your table/structure.
Still in doubt? See this

Still in doubt? See this

Second, when the six above earn, you earn the second time (i.e 2nd cycle earning). This happens two more times (cycles) after your first N1 million. After your 3rd cycle earning, you can opt to end the order or continue – TO CONTINUE would mean you continue to earn on your same initial investment; cycle after cycle; on and on as those in your structure earn (isn’t that interesting? 😳).
Also, when your *Direct* *six* have all earned for the first time, you instantly become a Level one Leader…and that’s when you start earning Bonuses on your team members when they earn  💪🏽…you enjoy huge passive income of at least a million naira monthly as your team earns and expands; and as your team even expands the more your passive income can grow up to one million Naira weekly. The more people earn in your structure, the more your bonus, the higher you climb on the leadership ladder.

Finally, once your structure has been established, you earn in Gold and Euros, which is used to either migrate you to the next level or the Gold equivalent of earning is credited to your SwissGolden account, which can be withdrawn in any of the following ways:

*1. Selling the gold back to the company to earn cash.*
*2. Receive the physical gold, which will be shipped to your given address in your country (shipping fee may apply).*
*3. You can opt for your gold to be kept in the UBS bank in Switzerland for safekeeping (which appreciates in value as the price of gold is revalued in time).*
Now you see! Swissgolden is real and legit.
Then, what are you still waiting for? Get involved; know more about this new form of investment by clicking here.
Remember, life-changing opportunities only come once in a while. Swissgolden is calling you, pick up the call.
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