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#StrayBullet: Who Killed Mrs Chisom Anaekwe, a Mother of Two?

Chisom Jane Anaekwe (nee Okereke), an energetic young woman and a mother of two, died while trying to give birth at the Magodo Specialist Hospital, Shagisha, Lagos, on April 30.


Mrs Anaekwe was a mother of three and an alumnus of LEAP Africa, a nonprofit organization committed to developing dynamic, innovative and principled African leaders.

According to a statement by LEAP Africa Alumni body, reported by The Nation: “She was left for hours in labour. This happened until her husband created a scene, which eventually caused the doctors to go to her ward, and on inspection, they found that the baby had struggled and died.

“The husband, at this point, requested for a CS, which he paid for and even signed the consent form presented by the hospital. He was then tricked out of the room to go prepare for blood transfusion, and on getting back, he found that the doctors had induced the wife and delivered the dead baby without operation not minding that the CS procedure had been paid for.

“This was without his consent. During the process of delivering the baby, the placenta got ruptured and the doctors left her like that; no further attendance still.

“Shortly after, the husband noticed she was swelling up in her stomach area and called the attention of the doctors who said they were getting ready for a surgery, a preparation that took longer than usual.

“After waiting in vain for the surgical team, the frustrated husband went furiously to the reception to demand why they were wasting time only to discovered that the doctor had sneaked out of the hospital under funny pretences.

“At this point, he got other hospital staff to wheel her out of the hospital, and in that process, Chisom died.”

In a phone conversation with The Nation, Chika Anaekwe, husband of the deceased narrated his ordeal.

We were advised to do a CS

“On the 26th of April, I got back from work and she told me to stay with the kids. She went to the pharmacy to check her blood pressure and it was high. She went again to Magodo Specialist Hospital to see the MD but he was not around. She always wanted the MD to attend to her.

“She went back on Thursday and was admitted. The doctor on duty explained that the pregnancy was almost due and the option was to do a caesarean session (CS) to bring out the baby.

“I gave a go ahead. I was hoping that the CS would have been done by Thursday, but even in the whole of Friday, nothing happened, so I became worried.”

The CS was delayed and there was no driver to move the ambulance

He reportedly said that after several attempts to see the MD, he met with him but his wife was already in serious labour pain. And then the earlier scheduled CS was suddenly delayed because “the doctor told me that the gynaecologist said the estate gate was locked; that he had been trying for more than an hour to get him.”

Mr Anaekwe attempted to transfer his dying wife to another hospital but was told “the person that would drive the ambulance was not around. So I offered to drive it or use my car. We drove the ambulance to the gate of the hospital and as I rushed to get my wife into the ambulance, I didn’t see him (the doctor) again.”

After making a deposit of N300,000, his wife was moved to the theatre, he (Mr Anaekwe) was introduced to the surgeon and told to go to the lab “to prepare blood since my wife would need blood immediately after the CS” on the instructions of the MD.

My wife was already on oxygen

On rushing back from the lab, he was reportedly told by a nurse “that my wife was in the labour room. She was on oxygen. I asked why the CS was not done and the doctor said he realised it was not the best option and that was why he chose to induce her.”

According to the husband of the deceased, the MD only appeared hours after he had made several calls to him, a time Mrs Anaekwe had died.

‘I am pained by the manner she died’

Mr Anaekwe reportedly lamented on phone: “I don’t know why my wife would die after the baby had come out. I am pained by the manner in which she died. The MD abandoned us in the hospital and went to LUTH when he had an unfinished business in his hospital.

“Honestly I find it very difficult that my wife died the way she did. I know that no matter what I do, my wife will not come back again, but we need to prevent this from happening in the future”.

Social media reports are untrue, our hospital is competent

However, the MD of the hospital via an email to The Nation reportedly said: “The management and staff of Magodo Specialist Hospital wish to state that the sensational and graphic postings on the social media about the death of Mrs Chisom Anekwe are untrue…

“We are very passionate about the health and lives of our patients. The hospital is well equipped and adequately staffed. We have handled many difficult cases successfully in the past and did our best in this situation….

“Our hearts and prayers are with the family. We pray that God will comfort them and grant them the grace and strength to bear this great loss.”


Justice. We want thorough investigation into the case and adequate prosecution of any person(s) found guilty. This will help prevent future occurrences. We’re aware the Lagos state government is on the case. Also, the Leap Africa Alumni body has vowed to pursue the case to a logical end.

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