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Step By Step Approach: How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria

This blog post will walk you through how to register a business name in Nigeria with the CAC. It’s a much simpler process when compared the Nigerian company registration process for private limited companies.

If you’re unsure of the differences between a business name and a private limited company, we’ve written a blog post explaining the difference.

Step 1: Name Availability Search

This is the first step in the business name registration process. This will let you know if your desired business name is available. This is always the first step when registering any kind of company or organisation in Nigeria.

Step 2: Business Name Application

In this document, you will list the nature of the business and the address of the business. You will also write down the owners of the business name. Get started on your Business Name Application.

Proprietors of a Business Name

Anyone can be a proprietor or owner of a business name. Even you!

Underage Owner

Any company or individual can be an owner of a business name. Even underage people can own a business name, however this requires special permission. If the owner is a minor, the CAC asks for an attestation from a magistrate, legal practitioner, or a police officer of a certain rank.

Company as an Owner

A company can also own a Business Name. In this case, the CAC asks for an attestation from the company director or company secretary.

Mixed Ownership

Owners of a business name can be a mix of individuals and companies.

Step 3: Filing

Once you’ve completed the Business Name ApplicationIt costs 5,000 naira to file at the Corporate Affairs Commission. No stamp duty is required.

What Next?

Are you ready to get started with the first step in Business Name registration? Get started with name availability search in just minutes.

Source: legalfirms.ng


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