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Songs do magic.
Songs do magic.

SEASONED SPOUSE: Singing as an Uncommon Catalyst for Your Relationship

It has been discovered that human beings are gracefully wired to respond to songs or better said, music. Scientifically proven, songs are able to make your brain do wonders.

Music is an important fabric of human existence and of course it has numerous benefits to life. Science of songs and relationship is of cognitive consonance. The art of singing influences our marital relationship positively in a way that no other human art does.

As a matter of fact, the book in the Bible that was dedicated to love-relationships was called ‘Song of Solomon’ or ‘Song of Songs’. It will be wrong for anyone to call that a mere coincidence. I think that points concretely to the fact that true love doesn’t only make you a poet but it also makes you a singer.

In life, songs are more than act born out of ecstasy; its an art that promotes solidarity, patriotism as well as comradeship. Have you ever thought why every nation has an anthem? It is to significantly promote patriotism among her citizens including the ones in diaspora. Songs are important to your marital relationship owing to the fact that it fosters romance and strengthens the bond of cohesion within the relationship.

Go the extra mile to compose a love song for your lover

To sing of your love for your spouse is to confess your love for your spouse with melody. Love songs are basically melodious confession of your love for your spouse. Please learn to do a song for your spouse. Let your song show it, let it show your love for your spouse. Go the extra mile in composing a short song for the one you love. Can you imagine the beauty of having your spouse call you over the phone asking you to send a voice note of the song you’ve composed for him/her?

Be a millionaire in 30 days or less.

Be a millionaire in 30 days or less.

I recently read about an American researcher, Leonard Ayres, who in 1911 discovered that cyclists pedaled faster while listening to music than they did in silence. It was said that ‘this happens because listening to music can drown out the brain’s cries of fatigue’.

In other words, songs can aid productivity even in tiring conditions. So while your spouse is busy with house chores, you can playfully intrude with songs so as to supply new level of energy needed for accomplishment. Believe this, singing for your spouse adds zest to your marital relationship.

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