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Ayo Sogunro is a Nigerian lawyer, writer and human righter

Ayo Sogunro: Nigerians Need a People-Constitution and Here’s How to Go about it

Ayo Sogunro, a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist has further reiterated the fact that ...

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The wealth of five richest Nigerians can take Nigeria out of extreme poverty

Inequality: How a Graveyard Silence is Widening the Gap Between Rich and Poor in Nigeria

Based on the recently released CRI (The Commitment to Reducing Inequality) Index, a new global ...

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Join the call for a prosperous Nigeria

OpenGovtNg: Are You Willing to See a Prosperous Nigeria? Then Watch This Short Film

Nigeria has been held back for several decades mostly as a result of bad leadership; ...

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What exactly are we restructuring?

Restructuring or Repackaging, What Exactly Does Nigeria Need? [Opinion]

Age is an asset and time. Come to think of it, an independent Nigeria is ...

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The annual inflation rate falls in June for the fifth straight month (Photo: National Bureau of Statistics)

NBS Says Nigeria’s Economy is Improving as Inflation Drops [READ]

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said Nigeria’s economy is gradually improving, with the ...

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New Africa

Don’t Miss This! HRFdonates, OBA2016 in Pictures

HRFdonates OBA2016               PEP NAIJA was the official media ...

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A South African Company is Set to Build Africa’s First Homegrown Smartphones

Johannesburg-based Onyx Connect is betting on local talent to build affordable Android-based smartphones for the ...

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You Can Now Get a Visa on Arrival in Ghana– Here Are Some Lessons for Nigeria

Ghana has started a visa-on-arrival scheme at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) for all African ...

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While Nigeria’s Minimum Wage Stands at $60, South Africa Introduces $260 Minimum Wage

South Africa will introduce a national minimum wage of 3,500 rand ($261) per month in ...

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A Startup in Kenya is Launching “Uber for Ambulances.” What’s Up Nigeria?

In Nairobi, most things can be ordered from your phone—an Uber, or taxi from one ...

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Talented Kid! How a 6 Year Old Boy Developed a Computer Learning Game

First grade student Ethan Yona is the brain behind the superhero character and computer learning ...

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Tiguidanke Camara believes passion is the secret of success in business (Photo: Forbes)

Once A Fashion Model, Camara is Now West Africa’s First Woman to Own A Mine

Guingouine — Leaving behind chic gowns and catwalks to stomp in the mud in heavy ...

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How Mobile Money is Transforming Africa’s Economies

While mobile money is battling to take off in South Africa resulting in the recent ...

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