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Final years students of the University of Livingstonia develop a smart stick for the poor (photo:

Final Year Students in Malawi Develop a Smart Stick to Help the Blind Move with Ease

Africa is the continent with the youngest people, one full of opportunities and with an ...

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The power of smiles in relationships

SEASONED SPOUSE (4): The Unknown Power of Smiles in Every Relationship

We are in a world where the frequency of eye contacts between spouses has been ...

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Babatunde James, the Nigerian man who finished his doctorate degree program in two years as against the four years recommended

Again! Another Nigerian Sets New Record in Mexico, Bags Remarkable Award

A Nigerian man has taken home a remarkable award in Mexico. He finished his doctorate ...

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Nigeria's finance minister, Kemi Adeosun

Kemi Adeosun: Luxury Tax Will Commence Soon— Rich People Must Bear the Burden

Kemi Adeosun, minister of finance, says the federal government will soon start collecting luxury taxes. ...

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Google Celebrates the Life of Former Slave Turned Abolitionist Olaudah Equiano

Google’s homepage logo today in Nigeria, Canada, and parts of Europe celebrates what would be ...

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New Africa

John Paul Mwirigi is the youngest MP in Kenya's history.

In Kenya, 23-Year-Old John Mwirigi ‘With No Money’ Has Been Elected to the Parliament

A 23-year-old independent candidate is the next Igembe South MP after he was declared winner ...

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Haben Girma is Harvard's Law School first Blind-Deaf graduate

Trailblazer! Haben Girma, an Eritrean, is Harvard’s Law School First Deaf-Blind Graduate

Haben Girma, 27, is an Eritrean who was born in California after her mother fled ...

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More Electricity for Nigerians as Africa50 Set to Develop Solar Power

Africa50, the infrastructure fund for Africa, has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) for an ...

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All Hail! Global Gender Gap Report 2017: Rwanda Ranks 1st in Africa and 4th Globally

The 2017 report of Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum has been ...

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#AfricaDay: What If We Told You the First University Was in Africa?

Founded by a Muslim woman, the University of Al Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco, opened its ...

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INSPIRING: Nigerian Fulfills Childhood Dream, Becomes First African to Fly Solo Around the World

Ademilola Odujinrin has set a new record as the first African pilot to fly around ...

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Trump’s Win Send One Message to Africans: Stay At Home

Americans weren’t the only ones who aspired to the American dream. Africans did too. For ...

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Some Totally Paralyzed Patients Can Now Move Their Arms Again. Here’s the Gist

Following separate, nasty car accidents, Kris Boesen and Lucas Lindner were left with paralyzing spinal-cord ...

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