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By pursuing the right strategies, instability can be curbed in Africa

Way Forward! What Drives Instability in Africa and What Can Be Done About It

Africa will remain turbulent because it is poor and young, but also because it is ...

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Terrific! In 2017, African migrants are auctioned off as slaves for as low as $400

Like Household Items, African Migrants Are Auctioned. Here’s Why You Should Speak Up

Fleeing their home country to have a better life in Europe, many young people from ...

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Nigerian sensational soul-singer, Tomi Owo

Nigerian Soul-Singer, Tomi Owó, Recreates Old Classics Like Angelique Kidjo’s “Agolo”

Exactly two years after she released her first single ‘Pieces’, Nigerian Soul-Singer, Tomi Owó, has ...

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Lagos is the economic hub of Africa ( REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

50,000 Nigerians to Be Trained as Lagos Overtakes Nairobi as Africa’s Startup Capital

As Africa’s tech startups and their founders go about creating disrupting industries or, in some ...

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Lie no more!

Beware! How ‘Small’ Lies Can Cause a Major Setback for Your Relationship

We are in a world that seems to repel the truth. We live in a ...

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New Africa

The Nigerian Senate is Now Live-streaming its Sessions on Facebook

Despite ultimately futile efforts to pass a bill that was seen as a pretext to ...

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The Top Ten Budget-Friendly Tourist Spots in Africa You Should Visit

  Tourism is one very lucrative business in the whole of Africa, only if it ...

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Garri N10k, Rice N17k, Kerosene N450… Nigerians Groan as Cost of Living Soars

“If not for her, I would have left this country,” Moses Chukwudi, a foodstuff trader ...

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The agricultural revolution in Rwanda (Photo: Newtimes)

Lessons: How Rwanda Transformed Its Agricultural Sector in 10 Years

In 1994, the RPF-led government inherited a broken country with a collapsed state. Millions of ...

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A New Tech Hub is Hoping to Inspire An Ecosystem in Northern Nigeria

Over the last seven years, northern Nigeria, particularly the northeast, has been mired in a ...

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There Are Now ‘Made in Rwanda’ Laptops. Here Are Some Lessons for Nigeria

You would expect to see the words ‘Made in Rwanda’ on a jar of coffee, ...

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President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have become increasingly divisive figures in Zimbabwe. Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo

A Military Coup is Afoot in Zimbabwe. What’s Next for the Embattled Nation?

Nobody is safe from the rages of Zimbabwe’s First Lady, “Dr. Amai” Grace Mugabe. There ...

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Meet “Alagba”, the 330-Year-Old World’s Oldest Tortoise Living in Nigeria

A huge turtle, which is believed to be 330-year-old, was found in Nigeria. The animal ...

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