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Nigeria’s Ekanem Wins ONE Competition… to Address a Joint Session of African Leaders

Nyeneokpon Ekanem (Photo: ONE.org)

A Nigerian, Nyeneokpon Ekanem, has won the keenly contested Girls Count Competition by ONE, an international campaigning and advocacy organization of nearly 8 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.  With over 40, 000 entries, Ekanem’s idea of “connecting the unconnected” defeated thousands of other brilliant ideas from across Africa. Having been declared ...

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Access to Justice: 3 Ways to Put the Power of Law in People’s Hands [WATCH]

Access to justice is the responsibility of all (Photo: PictureQuotes)

Without access to justice, there can’t be development in any community or country. Notably, people cannot improve their lives if they can’t exercise their rights. Vivek Maru is working to transform the relationship between people and law, turning law from an abstraction or threat into something that everyone can understand, use and shape. Instead of relying solely on lawyers, Maru ...

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This Disruptive Startup is Using Drones to Deliver Blood and Save Lives [WATCH]

Disruptive technology is driving through Africa at such an unprecedented pace

Keller Rinaudo wants everyone on earth to have access to basic health care, no matter how hard it is to reach them. “Post-partum hemorrhaging (bleeding after child birth) is not a Rwandan problem– it’s not a developing-world problem, this is a global problem. Maternal health is a challenge everywhere. The main difference is that Rwanda was the first country to ...

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Like Household Items, African Migrants Are Auctioned. Here’s Why You Should Speak Up

Terrific! In 2017, African migrants are auctioned off as slaves for as low as $400

Fleeing their home country to have a better life in Europe, many young people from West African countries like Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan and Somalia are auctioned as slaves for as low as $400 in Libya. In a November 17 broadcast, CNN released a terrific video showing the ordeals of African migrants; young people who failed ...

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Here’s a Description of 7 Friends to Keep Forever [WATCH VIDEO]

Friends are crucial in your life

Life is a journey, a long one at that. It can be interesting or boring. The good news is that everyone has a choice– to lead a boring life or one that is bustling with lots of goodies. Really? Yeah! But have you ever realised? That the kind of friends you keep determines, to a large extent, the quality of ...

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Trailblazer! Haben Girma, an Eritrean, is Harvard’s Law School First Deaf-Blind Graduate

Haben Girma is Harvard's Law School first Blind-Deaf graduate

Haben Girma, 27, is an Eritrean who was born in California after her mother fled Eritrea in the early 1980s due to the War of Independence which was still ravaging the country at the time. Quite frankly, she has enjoyed various strokes of luck. However, her can-do spirit and vision have helped her break barriers, including becoming the first deaf-blind ...

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Sutino Hadi: The Man Who Converted His Car into a Library on Wheels for Poor Kids to Read

Mr Sutino, the man who is investing in the future of poor kids in Indonesia

Sutino ‘Kinong’ Hadi is a Bemo driver– a type of car, that has been declared illegal in Indonesia because it’s not environmentally friendly. He visits poor neighborhoods everyday so that kids can read, and hang out, and even watch movies. Without doubts, education remains the “most powerful weapon to change the world”, according to Nelson Mandela, the former anti-Apartheid leader ...

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Olamide Baddo, the Mass Communicator Who Became One of Nigeria’s Biggest Ambassadors

Olamide Baddo and Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria's vice president

Today, Olamide Adedeji (28) is one of the biggest talents that have ever come of Nigeria. He’s loved by many not only because of his extraordinary talents, but also his diligence and humility. He is the king of the streets. When asked why music, he said: “I found out I was gifted in it so I had to explore it, ...

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How Social Media Changed the Story of a Nigerian Woman Selling Ogiri (VIDEO)

The Ogiri woman is doing her thing

In June, a video of a woman hawking Ogiri, a traditional soup flavouring, in a relief market in Imo State surfaced on Facebook and went viral. In the video, the hawker who we now know as Mrs. Ifeoma Uzoma is advertising her wares in a unique way. Branded.ng and Mumpreneur brought her to Lagos and the Ogiri Woman brand was ...

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Can Tribalism Ever Be Tamed? Yes. Here’s How Tanzania Did It [WATCH]

Bank of Tanzania Twin Towers

Many African countries experience violence and intimidation fuelled by tribalism. But Tanzania seems to be an exception. Despite having more than 100 ethnic groups and bordering eight countries, it has succeeded in overcoming tribal tensions in a region where some neighbours have failed to do so. WATCH this short BBC documentary below: Follow @pepnaija on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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