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Meet Seesio Koetlisi, the Unrelenting Fighter Who is Helping People Stay Alive in Lesotho

Seesio Jonase Koetlisi is helping to save lives in Lesotho (Photo: iowajpec.org)

Four years ago, Seesio Jonase Koetlisi started his private emergency medical agency, Pems 24 seven. They pride themselves on operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and getting their patients to the hospital alive. The company’s primary objective is to provide pre-hospital care, fire and rescue services. The agency was inspired by the death ...

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At Last! Kenya is Cutting the Salaries and Bogus Allowances of Its Highly Paid Lawmakers

Hello! Can we have more pay cuts? (Photo: bbc.com)

Kenya is set to cut the salaries and allowances of top state officers in a bid to reduce the country’s wage bill to sustainable levels and to improve government service delivery. The decision is being made just weeks to a closely fought election and with a backdrop of protests and strikes over low pay by doctors, nurses and teachers among ...

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Have You Heard? Ghana Has Just Launched Its First Satellite into Space

The amazing team behind the satellite (Photo: BBC Africa)

Ghana has successfully launched its first satellite into space. GhanaSat-1, which was developed by students at All Nations University in Koforidua, was sent into orbit from the International Space Centre. Cheers erupted as 400 people, including the engineers, gathered in the southern Ghanaian city to watch live pictures of the launch. The first signal was received shortly afterwards. It is ...

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Ghana: 40 Percent of the Nation’s Annual Budget is Now Spent on Education

The prospering education in Ghana

Ghana, the amazing West African nation which is known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife and old forts, has also come a long way in recent years in terms of education. According to GhanaWeb, in the year of 1957 at the time of independence, there was only one university in the country, and just a handful of secondary and primary schools. ...

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Once A Fashion Model, Camara is Now West Africa’s First Woman to Own A Mine

Tiguidanke Camara believes passion is the secret of success in business (Photo: Forbes)

Guingouine — Leaving behind chic gowns and catwalks to stomp in the mud in heavy work boots, Guinean former fashion model Tiguidanke Camara has made herself west Africa’s first woman to own a mine. In the small forest village of Guingouine, in the west of Côte d’Ivoire, Camara runs a team of 10 geologists and labourers who are probing the ...

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Meet the 6 Strong Women Who Are Changing the Male-dominated Tech Industry in Africa

Unoma Okorafor (middle) is the founder of WAAW Foundation

The idea that the tech industry in Africa is male-dominated is massively getting eroded following smart and assertive African women occupying the centre stage and changing the face of the industry on the continent with their giant strides in the global community. Women are increasingly bridging the gender-gap in tech and creating equal opportunity in the industry. By exposing African ...

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Talented Kid! How a 6 Year Old Boy Developed a Computer Learning Game

First grade student Ethan Yona is the brain behind the superhero character and computer learning game called EthanMan. This game, developed into an Android app, was launched in Zanzibar to mark the International Day of the African Child, observed annually on June 16. Of course, you should be amazed how a six-year old boy could develop a computer game. Without ...

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Abake, Adewole, Eight Other Africans Nominated for Innovation Prize for Africa 2017

Innovation Prize for Africa 2017

Two Nigerians Olanisun Adewole and Omolabake Adenle, and eight other Africans have been shortlisted for the 2017 edition of Innovation Prize for Africa award which will be held in Accra, Ghana on 18th July 2017. Abake’s innovation is software that can understand and digitize spoken African languages, and synthesize speech from African languages presented as digitized text. Using deep learning, ...

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African Languages Are Dying So We Have to Save Them. Here’s How

African languages are dying. Who will save them?

At his farewell speech as the chairman of the African Union in 2004, Mozambique’s then-president Joaquim Chissano surprised African leaders by delivering his remarks in Swahili. At the time, the AU was only using English, Portuguese, Arabic, and French as its official languages—and government officials caught unawares, scrambled to find translators. Chissano’s historic speech constituted the first time that the ...

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Wow! Nadia Toure Built An App to Monitor Pregnancy and the Development of Children

Photo : Habibatou Gologo / World Bank

“I got the idea to create my ‘Health Coach’ application from discussions with other women. The app helps women monitor their pregnancy and the subsequent development of their children up to the age of two. In Niger, many women give birth, and it’s frustrating to know that they’re often lost and always need advice from grandmothers and older women like ...

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