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Apply for Obama Foundation Fellowship and Get the Opportunity to Change the World

Obama Foundation Fellowship, an initiative of the immediate past president of the Unites States, seeks to support outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact of their work and to inspire a wave of civic innovation.  The Obama Foundation Fellows will be a diverse set of community-minded rising stars – organizers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and ...

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Dele Momodu on #Biafra: Our Dear Army, Please Cool Temper [OPINION]

Fellow Nigerians, let me confess my admiration for security forces generally. It is not just because of the cleanliness and crispiness of their uniform or the famed discipline that they imbue in their members. It is because I find their job too risky. I often wonder why any man or woman would voluntarily sign his or her death warrant. For ...

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The Economist Says Lagos is Second Worst City to Live in. How True Can This Be? [OPINION]

Lagos is the economic nerve centre of Nigeria

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on the 16th August, 2017 published a global liveability report for 2017. The report served to offer a benchmark upon which the development of a city could be measured and to advise business corporations on the amount to be paid as hardship allowance— the extra income paid to an individual for working in challenging environments— to an ...

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Winifred Onyemaechi: The Nigerian Lady Who Wants to Change the Face of Farming in Africa

Winifred Onyemaechi wants to change the face of farming in Africa

Winifred Onyemaechi is a farmer and the CEO Nature’s Kitchen Limited. She has a background in Business Administration and Management from the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. Winifred has also earned a certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from the Enterprise Development center of Pan Atlantic University, Lagos. With 8 years working experience in customer service and operations in the banking ...

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Amazing! How Mauritius Became the Easiest Place To Do Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s no secret that businesses in sub-Saharan Africa face several barriers when it comes to ease of doing business, despite some of the fastest growing economies in the world being located in this region. According to the Doing Business 2017 World Bank Fact Sheet for the region, Mauritius has the highest ranking at 49, while large economies like Kenya, Uganda ...

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Folafoluwa Oginni: Nigerian Superstar with 9As in WASSCE, 5.0 GP from a UK University

Folafoluwa Oginni is Nigeria's latest superstar

Folafoluwa Oginni, a very promising 21-year-old law graduate, is Nigeria’s latest superstar.  Without doubts, she’s one of the best brains to ever come out of Nigeria. Four years ago, 17-year-old Folafoluwa Oginni became the overall best student in the May/June 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) when she scored the highest grade (A1) in all her nine subjects, ...

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Trailblazer! Haben Girma, an Eritrean, is Harvard’s Law School First Deaf-Blind Graduate

Haben Girma is Harvard's Law School first Blind-Deaf graduate

Haben Girma, 27, is an Eritrean who was born in California after her mother fled Eritrea in the early 1980s due to the War of Independence which was still ravaging the country at the time. Quite frankly, she has enjoyed various strokes of luck. However, her can-do spirit and vision have helped her break barriers, including becoming the first deaf-blind ...

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Whoa! African Governments, Not Religion, are Pushing Their Young People into Extremism

Nigerian Army repels several Boko Haram attacks

Africans who didn’t sing the national anthem as a child are more likely to be recruited into violent extremist groups. Those living in the periphery of their country with less access to education and health services are more vulnerable, as are those with less involved parents. Exposure to state violence, not religious ideology, is a better predictor of radicalization. These ...

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What Does It Really Mean to Support a Political Party in Nigeria?

What does it mean to belong to a political party in Nigeria?

There are many political parties in Nigeria, they spring up like green onions in a vegetable garden. Some evolved from older parties, while some are formed afresh. However, no matter how numerous they are per election cycle, there are never more than two or three main stalks. Their history is a splintered one and can be told from several perspectives. ...

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Sutino Hadi: The Man Who Converted His Car into a Library on Wheels for Poor Kids to Read

Mr Sutino, the man who is investing in the future of poor kids in Indonesia

Sutino ‘Kinong’ Hadi is a Bemo driver– a type of car, that has been declared illegal in Indonesia because it’s not environmentally friendly. He visits poor neighborhoods everyday so that kids can read, and hang out, and even watch movies. Without doubts, education remains the “most powerful weapon to change the world”, according to Nelson Mandela, the former anti-Apartheid leader ...

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