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The use of Emergency Contraceptive can help prevent pregnancy (Photo: netdoctor.co.uk

How You Can Avoid Pregnancy After Having Unprotected Sex (By Mistake)

Let’s just go straight to the point here. No time to play around.

You didn’t want to do it, but you did it. Or no, you didn’t want to do it, he forced you to. No, that’s rape! Okay, he didn’t rape you, you consented.

But you still didn’t plan to do it. It just happened. Hmmmmm! Really?

Just like that? It was just supposed to be a date or something, but it turned out to be a sex romp. Well, you enjoyed it, right?

 Oh! I was just meant to go straight to the point. It has happened. You’ve had sex, and unfortunately, he didn’t use a condom. Gosh! Who does that at this age and time of HIV flying all around, looking for who to devour; or even the dreaded Hepatitis B virus waiting to infect its next victim. This is not to even talk of myriad of other possible Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Take note, I haven’t even talked about the possibility you may get pregnant. Are you ready to be a ‘Baby Mama’? That’s the ‘in-thing’ these days, you know. Oh! You’re married, you say. Does your husband know?

Oh! I’ve derailed again. Well, it has happened, anyway. What do you want to do about it now? He didn’t have a condom. You didn’t have an IUCD, or any other form of contraceptive. And unfortunately again, it’s during your fertile period. Jeez!

Lucky you, there’s an option…the emergency contraceptive (EC) pill or the morning-after pill.

It’s an emergency form of contraception that women can use if they’ve knowingly or unknowingly had unprotected sex, and they really don’t want to get pregnant.

If you fall into this category, just walk into the nearest pharmacy and ask for an EC-pill. The most common in this environment is Postinor-2. It’s a two-tablet dose that is best taken within 72 hours after sex. The earlier you take it, the better.

The second dose is mostly taken within 12 hours after the first dose, and both doses must be taken within 72 hours of sex.

This gives you up to 88% chance of avoiding that pregnancy.

Once you’ve decided to take Postinor, do not take another type of EC. Don’t assume that the first two pills did not work and then go to take extra pills. The extra will not reduce your chances of becoming pregnant but will make you nauseous and can cause more side effects.

Most people experience some nausea after taking one or both pills. Don’t be scared. But if you vomit within one hour of taking one of the pills, you may need to repeat it. But talk to your doctor first.

After this, your period should come at the right time within the next month. But if it doesn’t, hmmmm…consider doing a pregnancy test. You might have just become the next ‘Baby Mama’.

Try not to make the same mistake again. Always use protection, IF you are not ready to become pregnant, plus you’ll save yourself a whole lot of unnecessary worry and anxiety.

Stay Healthy!

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