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Take Note! 130/80 is the New Hypertension, Latest Research Reveals. Here’s Why

The new hypertension is 130/80 (Photo: Very Well)

If your blood pressure is 130/80 and you have been feeling safe, the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA) will give you high blood pressure. For decades, a measurement of 140/90 mmHG has been the standard to define pre- and borderline hypertension. Anything below that and you walk away with a caution on sedentary lifestyle and diet. Anything above ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE: How Songs Can Be Used to Bring Out the Best in Your Relationship

The power of singing

I decided to write on this topic because it’s one of the overlooked ways in which romance can be established in marital relationships. Pedants may think or suggest otherwise, nonetheless, the truth must be said. Please listen, As much as it is important you case your love for your spouse into words,  it is also so important you translate your ...

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Osinbajo: 4 Important Life Lessons Every Young Nigerian Should Know About

Osinbajo says success is more easily attained than greatness

Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, challenged graduates at the 10th convocation of Lead City University in Ibadan, Oyo State on November 9. He stated: “I was 60 years old in March this year, and I must confess that it was one of the greatest surprises I ever experienced!  I just suddenly became 60. I can clearly remember when I ...

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