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Why I Named My Son Google– Ghanaian Producer Explains

A certain Ghanaian filmmaker, Francis Dzogbetsi, got people talking when he named his son Google. However, he recently explained why he named his newly born baby ‘Google’. Director Francis Yaw Dzogbetsi commonly known as ‘’NEBU Your Majesty’’. He is targeting to become one of the finest director in Ghana. In a recent interview, Dzogbetsi said that his son was also ...

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SEASONED SPOUSE(6): Beware! How to Easily Spot a Pseudo-Lover in Your Relationship

pseudo lovers

“Your greatest protection against deception is the love of the truth” says Dag Hewards Mills. We are in a world full of ‘masquerades’. It is therefore important that you’re fortified against deception in this world where lies are often projected as the truth. The fact that you choose to despise and ignore the truth doesn’t make the truth less true. ...

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The Break-up of P-square: Peter Finally Opens Up on 4-Year Family Feud


Peter Okoye of the famous P-square group has downplayed the possibility of the brothers staying together till retirement. Speaking with Vibe Magazine, Peter said “30 children cannot continue to play together for 30 years. Being apart is the best solution at the moment.” The singer, who has since gone solo, disclosed that their family feud has lingered on for four ...

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Marital relationship often becomes dysfunctional as a result of frequent twist and turn in the ways spouses value the words of their partner. An Unhealthy communication system makes an unhealthy marriage. It’s the perfect communication system between spouses that makes the marriage a unique community. Men, Place huge value on the words, advice and even the recommendations of your woman. ...

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Resignation of Britain’s Defense Minister, Scandals and Public Officials in Nigeria

Michael Fallon has just resigned (REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a Nigerian public official, elected or appointed, to resign over an established misconduct not to even talk of allegations. The Britain’s defence minister Michael Fallon resigned on Wednesday over a sexual harassment scandal. He had apologized earlier this week for repeatedly touching a radio presenter’s ...

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